Behind The Brand Rolls Mania

Introducing a whole new series called Behind the Brand! Examples of perseverance in grit across our beloved brand.

Rolls Mania had the brilliant idea of kicking off their new series with none other than their very own Head Chef, Riyajuddin Ansari. The narrative of Riyajuddin is motivational and helps us understand how we can coach an individual to become the best version of who they are! Not only as individuals but also as part of the company in the process. Riyajuddin is proud of himself and all that he has accomplished throughout his time spent working with us at Rolls Mania over the past ten years! We wouldn't be where we are now without the motivation and inspiration of people like him and the rest of the Rolls Mania team that makes it so easy for us to grow. A tale of being given an opportunity, putting in a lot of hard work, and eventually being the pillar of the brand; from not knowing much to being the strength of the Rolls Mania kitchen!